Full Service Association Management

Financial Management Services

Sound financial management is a pillar for a professional association's sustainability. As a steward of the organization, Venture Alliance Group provides accurate budgeting, streamlines resources, and actively engages in opportunities for business growth.

Non-Dues Income

Non-dues income spans education programs to data driven digital media management which strategically integrates with our clients' goals. Aligning professional association partnerships with stakeholder interests is a significant value add provided by Venture Alliance Group association management solutions.

Board of Directors & Committee Support

Elected and appointed leadership are the legacy stewards of a professional association's existence. As an association partner, Venture Alliance Group blends the organization’s vision with grassroots leadership development in board meetings and committee work.

Membership Services

Professional associations come together to solve complex industry issues, share best practices, and advocate or legislate for unified ideas and goals. Venture Alliance Group integrates the unique culture of your association through stakeholder engagement every single day.